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Flavours included are: Chocolate, Vanilla, Mocha, Lemon, Pistachio & Raspberry.

This 32 piece box of artisan macarons comes with 6 different flavours of our handmade decadent creations.

French Macarons involve two Meringue-like Cookies with a thin Crunchy Exterior and a Moist, Almost Cake-Like Interior, Sandwiched together with Creamy Exotic Fillings. We Have Sourced The Finest Ingredients from Around the World to Create the Ultimate Taste Temptation. With Such Tasty Fillings and Wide Variety of Colours, Our French Macaron is a Chic Alternative that will Surely Please Your Guests. For Those that Seek Elegance and Sophistication for their Next Special Occasion, we Invite You to Sample a Taste of Heaven and let Your Guests Have a Tantalizing Experience they will Never Forget.